Mummy MOT
Women’s Physiotherapy to help you really get back into shape. The MUMMY MOT has been developed by a specialist physiotherapist in women’s health to provide a detailed 6 week post-natal check which focuses on checking the muscles of the tummy and pelvic floor.

“Continence Physiotherapy” is now able to offer this service where the assessment is performed by a specialist physiotherapist in women’s health who is also a trained MUMMY MOT practitioner on Wirral and Merseyside.

Most women having had a baby will suffer weakness in their tummy muscles and pelvic floor muscles. This can create core instability which can lead to back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness.

To avoid these issues book in early to have your tummy and pelvic floor tested then start an optimal post natal recovery program. You will then be referred to a post natal fitness specialist in the region, trained in the “Holistic Core Restore” program. We will then work closely with you on your individual progress.

The MUMMY MOT includes:-

  • 1 hour post natal assessment with a specialist women’s health physiotherapist
  • Ideally at 6 weeks post delivery and beyond.
  • Pelvic floor muscle strength and function assessed along with tummy gap.
  • Assessment of any residual physical problems from pregnancy and delivery.
  • Recommended bespoke post-natal recovery program looking at posture, breathing, core activation, nutrition and self-care.
  • Confidential, private and relaxed.
  • Cost £90.

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