middle age senior woman exercise with core training ball

Physiotherapists understand the importance of core strength and recognise how these core muscles are often the least appreciated, despite being fundamental to good posture, preventing low back and pelvic pain which can then lead on to many other musculo-skeletal problems developing.

Pilates is a safe, controlled form of exercise that specifically strengthens these muscles creating a strong core including the deep abdominal muscles, lower back muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Many of the approaches used to manage pelvic floor dysfunction include advice on core strengthening exercises using Pilates principles, however, if you would like to spend more time learning how to strengthen your core with Pilates techniques, Continence Physiotherapy offer individual or group sessions (up to 3 people), at home or in the clinic.

These sessions will provide you with advice and exercises tailored to your individual needs, that you can eventually continue without the guidance of a therapist.

Ante and Post-natal Pilates sessions are also available in the same format.

Kate Walsh is certified in Matwork level 1, ante and post natal Pilates with the APPI (Australian association of Pilates for physiotherapists).